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HTW-1 Foaming Agent


发泡剂 (12)


  • Introduction

It is made by a special ingredients (non-pollution animal and plant protein)processing, deformation, and then compound to a strong no polluting physical foaming agent. It has very good affinity with water. Moreover, it can produce a large number of bubbles in the cement slurry, these bubbles are independent of each other and uniformly distributed in the cement paste. Meanwhile, they can form a large number of closed pores. Therefore, it can have good effect of heat and sound insulation.

  • Stability Performance:

It has high stability of the bubble capsule, and can be showing strong stereo tension and specific tenacity elongation. More importantly, it can be pumped to high rise buildings (e.g. more than 40 floors) under the action of high-pressure delivery pump, while the bubble capsule with no deforming and falling.

  • Performance Characteristic:

①Soluble in water, rich foam;
②high foaming ratio, fine and uniform foam
③ low settlement and small water leakage;
④ increase the strength of concrete, to reduce the brittleness of concrete, improve the quality of foam concrete performance;

⑤Higher cost performance

  • Scope of application:

HTW-Ⅰcomposite foaming agent is mainly used in the production of foam concrete roof ,floor heat preservation and insulation layer.

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