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HTQ-1 Foaming Agent


发泡剂 (14)

  • Introduction

It is made by a special ingredients (non-pollution animal and plant protein)processing, deformation, and then compound to a strong no polluting physical foaming agent. It has very good affinity with water.  Moreover, it can produce a large number of bubbles in the cement slurry, these bubbles are independent of each other and uniformly distributed in the cement paste. Meanwhile, they can form a large number of closed pores. Therefore, it can have good effect of heat and sound insulation.

  • Performance:

①Higher cost performance
② The air vent of finished foam concrete is independence, disconnected between each other, while the water absorption is small.

③It is improved the strength of foam concrete , reduce density, and prevent the block crack;
④ It can be used under temperature (5 ℃), while the foam properties have no significant changes.

  • Application:

It can foaming on many raw materials, such as cement, magnesium oxide, lime, gypsum, mountain flour, sawdust, fly ash, sand, white mud of paper mill, etc.It can also be used for the roof, floor heating, indoor heat and sound insulation, cushion production.

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