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HT-80S Foam Concrete Generator- Polystyrene foam concrete Production equipment


Polystyrene foam concrete is a new type thermal insulation products, it is made from common foam concrete and polystyrene granule. When polystyrene granule is dispersed in the foam concrete slurry, after the cement curing, it will form the foam concrete wrapped in polystyrene particles. It makes the product into the "double bubble" composite materials that is organic and inorganic.


For years foam concrete equipment production, we research and produce this Polystyrene foam concrete Production equipment. It is the pioneer generation polyphenyl granul foam concrete production equipment in China.  It was adopted advanced and stable pumping system. Compared with other similar equipment which product from other manufacturers, it is being many features, such as lighting weight, high automation level, High production capacity in single unit, mixing evenly, ejection the foam concrete stable, etc.

It is professional in polyphenyl granul foam concrete production construction.


Basic Configuration

  1. Pumping main engine, which is includepumping system, foaming system, automatic control system, electric control system, pumping line, etc.
  2. Mixer
  3. Cement feeding machine
  4. polyphenyl granulfeeding machine
  5. Water supply system ,which is include water tank, water pump,pipeline,etc.


Technical Parameters

  1. Power:15m³/H
  2. Raw Material, whichis mixed with cement, polyphenyl granul, water, foaming concrete agent, etc.
  3. The Total Power:21KW



Applications in the foam concrete insulated roof and filling project which need to add polyphenyl granul.

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