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HT-80 Foam Concrete Machine



(Patent No.:200820149374.X,Patent Number:Hose pump foam concrete slurry pumping equipment)

The maximum pumping height is 120 meters; the delivery value is 25-30 m³/H

HT - 80 is a special purpose machine for foam concrete manufacture. As on many years’ experiences in the production of construction machine and on the basis of the same kind equipment, we developed this machine, it is synchronizing with the world’s advanced equipment. A set of equipment is making up of three parts, a main engine, an agitator and feeding machine, and the running piping、 maintenance  tool and some other parts is freely supply. 

80-main enginee


                                   80-direction-1                                                                                                80-diretion

 80-foam concrete machine

               Wireless remote control far away 200 meters       Inner equipment automation control box

  • Features


  1. The Shell of this machine choose high precision steel plate, the surface is through 280 degrees high temperature paint treatment , it is equips with the automotive tires and durable.
  2. It is adopt the new streamlined design, to make the external appearance more beautiful.
  3. The weight is very light, only half as much as the other similar equipment.It is easy to transport and loading and unloading;
  1. The front bracket is removable, it is not only can move when drag after the machine, but also be loading long-distance transportation
  2. The power of vertical pump is strong; it can send 120 meters height, fully meet the needs of the modern high-rise building;
  3. It can operate automatically in feeding and mix the material, foaming. The cement paste is automatic pumping by main engine.
  4. The main pump, foam, water and cement feeding, all of them are controlled respectively by a frequency converter. The delivery value, the bubble size, the amount of water and cement can all digital display. It is very easy to operate.
  5. The cement slurry is outputted steady, uniform density of foam concrete production, quality and stability
  6. Adopt the most advanced hose pump pumping system, simple operation, low fault rate, convenient maintenance and lower cost.
  7. Compared with other similar equipment, it can save 50-100kg cement dosage per cubic meter of product. It reduces the production cost greatly and improves the economic benefit;
  8. We have professional technical team and perfect after-sales service; we can also provide professional on-site technical guidance. Therefore, you don’t have any troubles with our products.
  • Technical Parameters
Foam Concrete
Delivery Value
The Maximum Vertical Conveying Heightm120
The Maximum Horizontal Delivery Distancem1000
Overall DimensionsmmMain engine:2250(carriage 3250)×1430×1400
Feeding Machine:2600×740×810
WeightkgOverall weight:1400
(Four Conversion ControlThe main pump delivery value , the bubble size, the amount of water and cement are controlled respectively


  • Technological Process:

Technological Process

  • Application:
  1. The production of foam concrete which use cement or fly ash and some other materials for raw material
  2. Foam concrete insulated roof project, Cushion Project, Floor Heating Project, Filling project, etc.
  3. The manufacture for foam concrete production.

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