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The client from Shenyang chose HT-80S polyphenyl granule equipment


Pan Manager,the client from Shenyang,came to visit us last year and inspect the good quality of HT equipments.HT foam concrete machines are easy to operate and automatically mixing,feeding and foaming.
Now his project decided to adopt the polyphenyl granule foam concrete materials,so he ordered our foam concrete machine for its good quality and the rich experience of HT company.We have sent our machines and technician there.
HT-80S polyphenyl granule equipment was used in the project of Wanda,Daming Palace and Chinese Centre.


concrete making machine for soundproof materials HT-80S concrete mixer

For years foam concrete equipment production, we research and produce this Polystyrene foam concrete Production equipment. It is the pioneer generation polyphenyl granul foam concrete production equipment in China. It was adopted advanced and stable pumping system. Compared with other similar equipment which product from other manufacturers, it is being many features, such as lighting weight, high automation level, High production capacity in single unit, mixing evenly, ejection the foam concrete stable, etc.
It is professional in polyphenyl granul foam concrete production construction.

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