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Foam concrete:a new material for floor heating


Floor heating was adopt the thermal insulation materials of foamed plastic during the initial period.The materials provide people with a novel,tidy,beautiful,warm and comfortable feeling.However,it exposed some serious defects after only a few years,for example,floor collapse and so on.

What’s the reason for this?Owing to the ideal of the design,it neglectd the long-term implication of the resident behaviours on the composite floor and the foamed material selection was unconstrained.


A larger number of experiments proved that foamed plastic material has a complex construction process and high cost.Foamed plastic material need to stick many times and give poisonous gas when it was heated.Resident behaviours will damage the structure of foam and the pipe would seep water by extrusion.
Huatai always devote to research the good quality material for floor heating and the foam concrete developed by Huatai can solve all the problems that were mentioned.Moreover,Hutai foam concrete has well properities of sound insulation and noninflammability.

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