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The client ordered our equipment without inspection


Recently,a client from Cangzhou ordered the HT-60 foam concrete machine from HT company.The client knew about the good quality of our equipment from his friend and knew more about our company from HT website.
The client has signed a foam concrete project and ordered our equipment without inspection.

HT-60 foam concrete machine

concrete equipment for foam concrete HT-70B concrete pump
Pumping Height:40m
Adopt the most advanced hose pump pumping system, while, the operation is sample, the fault rate is lower, and maintenance is convenient and cost is lower.
Compared with other similar equipment, it can save 50-100kg cement dosage per cubic meter of product. It reduces the production cost greatly and improves the economic benefit;
We have professional technical team and perfect after-sales service; we can also provide professional on-site technical guidance. Therefore, you don’t have any troubles with our products.


HT foam concrete equipments are popular with the customs for good quality and perfect service.

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