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Market Advantage


High Degree of Automatic: It is adopted the most advanced technology, it is full-automatic operation and integrating several working procedures ;it is very easy to operate, and better to foam; meanwhile, the performance is stable.

High Productivity for Single Equipment: It can reach higher to 4000-5000 square meters; the horizontal delivery distance is reach to 900-1000 meters.

Wide Range of Market Applications
1. The construction of floor heating:  It is the most advanced equipment, which the construction of floor heating needed. The density can be adjusted from 250-1600kg/m3  as you need ;while, the intensity is up to 2.6 Mpa ,the bottom of the construction can be up to natural surface level. After solidification, it could be pasted directly a variety of ground materials.
2.Heat insulation in roof construction: You can use this equipment produce more and more foam or sound insulation cement products. Using this foaming material, which is applied to the roof insulation, then, achieve the heat insulation purpose.
3.Impermeable in Roof: After adding suitable amount of additives in the process of mixing, it will have the function of water resistant. It can also replace the other waterproof materials to solve the problem of roofing leakage for a long time.
4.Freeze-proofing and anti-corrosion: It can be used for walls, tap water pipes, heating pipelines, oil pipelines to realize the effect of insulation, damp proof and anti-corrosion.It can also be used for tap water and other water sewer line to realize the effect of freeze-proofing and anti-corrosion to extend the life of pipelines effectively.


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Case Studies

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