HuaTai Foam Concrete Machine Manufacturer



Void Filling

As foam concrete is very fluid, it will pour into even the most inaccessible places. It can be used for planned work, but also in emergencies to provide stability and support very quickly. It can be applied even through small openings making the work much easier and cheaper than other methods. If necessary, it can also be pumped into position over considerable distance.

Bridge Abutment

HT Foamed Concrete is particularly suitable for bridge abutments because it does not impose the large lateral loads.Using HT Foamed Concrete, the lateral load is practically eliminated, so the bridge walls do not have to be as thick. Huge cost savings can be achieved

Trench Reinstatement

The traditional methods of filling trenches in the roads, i.e. the use of granular fill materials, result in settlement and damage to the road and potentially, to the pipes. With foamed concrete there is no settlement;  it will fill any voids and cavities in the trench sides.

Also, the excellent load spreading characteristics of HT Foamed Concrete means that axle loads are not transmitted directly to the services in the trench, so the pipes are not damaged by the weight of traffic.

Roads Over Soft Ground

By excavating the soft ground and replacing it with foamed concrete that is less dense, a floating road sub-base can be built. This stops the road from sinking and has been used for building roads in Holland.Using foamed concrete for road sub-bases can reduce the cost of foundations.

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