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What are the application advantages of the foam concrete?

Foamed concrete is a versatile material.Its ability to flow easily under its self-weight has led to its use in void filling, including old sewerage pipes, wells, cellars and basements of old buildings, storage tanks, tunnels and subways.

Because of its good thermal properties, it has been used as an insulating material on roofs, in housing foundations and floors. Its inherent fire resistance has also been exploited in a wide range of uses. Foamed concrete has also been used in bridge foundations

Other applications include precast elements, in raft foundations of houses, as a foundation-layer for sports fields and athletic tracks, for annulus grouting of segmental tunnels, backfilling the voids behind tunnel linings.

What are the Benefits for using foamed concrete?

  • Does not settle, hence requires no compaction
  • Lightweight, does not impose large loadings
  • Free flowing, spreads to fill all voids
  • Excellent load spreading characteristics
  • Once placed requires no maintenance
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • Excellent resistance to earthquake
  • Does not impose lateral loads
  • Excellent fire resistant properties
  • Highly cost effective
  • Non-hazardous
  • Reliable quality control
  • Easy to Construction and high speed of construction

Where can be used in foam concrete?

The Housing project and the many filling projects can be used.

Which parts can be used in housing project?

Roofing InsulationFoamed concrete has two benefits when it is used for roofing. First, it provides a high degree of thermal insulation. Second, it can be used to lay a flat roof to falls, i.e. to provide a slope for drainage. Foamed concrete is also much lighter than slopes made from mortar screeds. This means that a roof with a slope made of foamed concrete imposes a lower loading on the structure of the building.


How about the construction experience?

We have been in the line of field-cast foamed concrete construction for 20 years, with average construction value per year being one million cubic meters.

The future prospect of foam concrete

Foam concrete may well be used in the runway organization system, shipping dock collision wall etc.

How long is the service life of foam concrete?

The service life of foam concrete is about the same long as that of the main buildings.

Is extra work needed to find slope if we use foam concrete material in roof insulation?

Foam concrete materials don’t need extra work to find slope. Since cement slurry is possessed of fluidity, it will find slope automatically when we ‘re casting the cement slurry in site. After the roof casting, you only need a wiper to wipe the surface smooth. Foam concrete acts as a thermal insulation layer and can be a slope layer at the same time.It’s easy to construct and labor-economical.

How about the construction speed of foam concrete ?

The minimum output of equipment of our company is 8 cubic m³per hour and the maximum 25 cubic m³per hour. The construction can be made at a staggering rate.

Classification and application of HT integrated foaming agent

Our HT integrated foaming agent can be classified into two types: HTW-1 and HTQ-1. HTW-1 applys generally in roof insulation, floor heating thermal insulation layer and the ground cushion layer and so on; HTQ-1 is special agent for prefabricate foamed concrete products.

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